My daughter ruined my life...(Animated Story Time)

Avaldati 5 sept 2020
My daughter ruined my life...(Animated Story Time)! Download Game of Sultans for FREE:

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  • Download Game of Sultans for FREE: Use the CD-KEY “luckily” to redeem a big in-game starter Gift Pack!

  • Sniper:Well heck Me:I’m gonna write what you said UwU

  • im a fan i love your videos but i have a boyfrend and im stilul a kid


  • The mom is a karen for life

  • Hi

  • Hi

  • ❤💋❤

  • ❤love❤

  • 666

  • 666

  • Waittt a minute...... Why does Susie look like the Mom from Smile and Sisters the Novels????? Like Raina and Amara’s mom??? Hmmmmm 😂

  • If she was from the UK she would be lgoingout like 3 years before that

  • i like how james looked like he wasnt getting treatment for cancer

  • Yas sir

  • I saw this reccamonded before I new about ur chanel

  • my name is ashley

  • Jesus are real

  • I like your videos they are funny like you

  • Sad.😔😢

  • Quick question why do you always have a video and explain your games wen we don't need to hear it

  • I didn't even know i entered the giveaway until now 😋

  • Sssniperwolf try and download Among Us it's so cool your mind will be blown

  • I want to meet you so bad by. But I cannot because this virus and I don't know your address and I do not want to know your address and I love love love love love your videos

  • Hi I always want to come meet you

  • This is so sad 😭

  • My mom actually found out that she is pregnant so I’m going to be an older sister

  • how do i get that game

  • Is it just me or does Nora look like that black headed girl from totally spies

  • Hi i'm Rayne your video's make me happy after a really bad day you are my favorite youTuder i love you sssniperwolf!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That’s sad that made me cry :(

  • she the bad parent

  • I did it


  • Ok, the mother is strait up evil. Who does this to there child just for wanting to know her dad

  • Omg u have the same iPhone as mee

  • i so sad im crying please help her

  • I am a big fan

  • 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Is it wrong to wanna know your dad and be with him sure she abandoned the girl but she still loves him cuz she's a good girl😘

  • Luckily

  • 😬why this remains me of Wattpad BTS ff that i just read 🚶nvm

  • snipperwolf i am upsessed with you i wish i was your sister

  • I love you sssniperwolf

  • i have game of sultan all people who have it 👇🏼

  • Hi sssniperwolf i really like ur videos im a new subscriber

  • I actually already saw this before this video

  • No one: Not a soul: SssniperWolf: And I got like 100 boyfriends

  • Why does Susie look like the mom from Diary of A Wimpy Kid?

  • Cool

  • Oke el donlot it

  • Who ever remembers there favourite French EEcloner can like

  • hopefully, there's youtube in heaven si James Can watch this in heaven R.I.P James :(

  • My mom is Pregnant

  • I would still hate the dad tbh

  • I’ve only watched half of this so far and I already realize she’s a Karen

  • 😿😿😿

  • Game of sultan look s fun

  • this was on my B'day

  • First video of yours I did not like

  • What the hell i Flippin cried :(

  • Do more my life animated

  • This made me cry ;(

  • if she pregnant with ur child why she got black hair?????

  • oh well you drove yo own dang daughter away you get what you pay for

  • My dad hanged out with women after I was born. Hmmmmm

  • sniper : showing up the game of sultands thingy. Me : watching . Sniper : and thats me " shows old man char "

  • Nobody... Not a single soul... Lia - *Hi Suzie!*


  • Evil

  • I am crying😭😭😭

  • Shut the hell up golden egg

  • Sssniperwolf can you watch miraculous ladybug veido

  • When she said 100 boyfriends i was like oh god

  • I’m your fan

  • sorry on me lil sis google account

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  • Im not homophobic or anything, but Im glad they finally made it so that you can have a boyfriend. It used to be that you could only date girls no matter your character's gender. We straight girls thank you, Game of Sultans

  • Finally a sponser that is not raid shadow legends

  • If you could do whatever you want is basically Grand Theft Auto right

  • Literally everyone in the comments is like.... Only true fans who remember "Your favourite french youtuber" can like this comment!!! Only the people who remember "Yessica" can like this comment!!! The people who still remember "Your favourite messy haired youtuber" can like this comment!!! The only people who remembered "Olga the grey weave" can like!!! Like bruh what next!?!??

  • What the

  • I got the game

  • Scumbag check I'll see you in court

  • Kumojghnk

  • Our favorite French EEcloner :)

  • Bro the mom looks like Raina’s mom from the books smile, guts and sisters

  • kelsy animated is that you

  • your vids are so cool

  • Your a sultana scone? Only British people will understand

  • The mom in this cartoon sucks, change my mind.

  • Piss

  • is the cash real cash or game cash

  • Yas he died

  • What ziyzy in pygy

  • What Ziyzy in Pygy

  • How she look good with a paper crown and im over here have a dog being my only lover... Smh

  • Pls stop doing add cormericals

  • Laaaaaaaaa